Four charities will receive funds from the 2021 Sale:  St. Vincent de Paul, BR Regional Eye Bank, McMains Children’s Development Center, and Habitat for Humanity.

Since 1990, the Inner Wheel of Baton Rouge has generated over $2 million for local charities. In 2019, the sale raised over $225,000. Applications for consideration as a charitable beneficiary are available each summer. 

The following charities have received proceeds from the Baton Rouge Inner Wheel Club Attic Trash & Treasure Sale:

President: Keigh Ballard Chairman: Kay Toups
Mary Bird Perkins Radiation Center $10,000.00
Hospice Foundation of Greater Baton Rouge 8,000.00
Baton Rouge Rotary Club 2,000.00

President: Keigh Ballard Chairman: Susan Lipsey
Baton Rouge Green $16,500.00
Volunteers of America-Independence House 11,500.00
Baton Rouge Food Bank 825.00
Cancer Society of Greater Baton Rouge 825.00
Rotary Foundation Scholarship Fund 3,300.00

President: Kay Toups Chairman: Marilyn Ehr
Cerebral Palsy & Children’s Developmental Center $18,000.00
Academic Distinction Fund 10,800.00
Rotary Foundation Scholarship Fund 3,250.00
Alzheimer’s Association 1,800.00
CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates for Abused Children) 1,800.00

President: Sandra Campbell Chairman: Marilyn Ehr
CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates for Abused Children) $16,250.00
Glory House 9,750.00
Rotary Foundation Scholarship Fund 3,250.00
Alzheimer’s Association 1,625.00
Louisiana Council on Child Abuse 1,625.00

President: Susan Lipsey Chairman: Vita Owen
Alzheimer’s Association $16,250.00
Young Leader’s Academy 9,750.00
Rotary Foundation Scholarship Fund 3,250.00
Boy’s Hope of Baton Rouge 1,625.00
St. Vincent de Paul Community Pharmacy 1,625.00

President: Sue Rainer Chairman Ruth Pace/Linda Perry
Hilltop Arboretum $19,000.00
St. Vincent de Paul Community Pharmacy 11,400.00
Rotary Foundation Scholarship Fund 3,800.00
Family Service of Greater BR/Crisis Intervention Center 1,900.00
Y. W. C. O. / St. Charles House 1,900.00

President: Pat Womack Chairman Lynn Bayles
Battered Women’s Program $23,000.00
Myriam’s House 13,800.00
Rotary Foundation Scholarship Fund 4,600.00
Cancer Services of Baton Rouge 2,300.00
Council of Aging – “Fish” 2,300.00

President: Joan Wharton Chairman: Mary Nell Netterville
Glory House $33,600.00
Operation Hope 20,160.00
Rotary Foundation Scholarship Fund 6,720.00
Baton Rouge Food Bank 3,360.00
Children’s Developmental Center of the Cerebral Palsy Assoc. 3,360.00
President: Bobbie Stiglets Chairman Eula Smith
Volunteers in Public Schools $36,800.00
St. Elizabeth’s Home 22,080.00
Rotary Foundation Scholarship Fund 7,360.00
Mid-City Redevelopment Alliance 3,680.00
The Salvation Army 3,680.00

President: J’on Blumberg Chairman: Virginia Grenier/Mario Carroll
LSU International Hospitality Foundation $44,000.00
Rotary Foundation Scholarship Fund 8,800.00
St. Vincent de Paul Pharmacy 4,400.00
Salvation Army 4,400.00

President: Bonnie Holliday Chairman: Marilyn Ehr/Vita Owen
Salvation Army $37,250.00
Baton Rouge Eye Bank Auxiliary 22,350.00
Rotary Foundation Scholarship Fund 7,450.00
McMains Children’s Development Center 3.752.00
St. Vincent de Paul Pharmacy 3,752.00

President: Sandra Campbell Chairman: Sharon Field
YMCA $40,500.00
Boys and Girls Club of Greater Baton Rouge 24,300.00
Rotary Foundation Scholarship Fund 8,100.00
Connections for Life 4,050.00
Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center ???

President Cathy Landry Chairman: Gay Town/Bootsie Hundemer
St. Elizabeth’s Foundation $35,000.00
Rotary Club of Baton Rouge (Polio Eradication) 21,000.00
Rotary Foundation Scholarship Fund 10,000.00
McMains Children’s Developmental Center 3,500.00
Volunteers of America (Children in Crisis) 3,500.00

President: Sharon Field Chairman: Inner Wheel Board
Boy’s Hope Girl’s Hope Baton Rouge Foundations, Inc. $30,000.00
McMains Children’s Developmental Center 15,000.00
Rotary Foundation Scholarship Fund 5,000.00

President: Eula Smith Chairman: Alice Greer
St. Paul’s Learning Center $52,047.00
Baton Rouge Regional Eye Bank 26,037.00
Rotary Foundation Scholarship Fund 8,679.00

2006 – Year of Katrina
President: Becky Wilson Chairman: Eula Smith
Volunteers in Public Schools $46,500.00
Rotary Foundation Scholarship Fund 5,161.00

President: Moo Svendson Chairman: Lisa Guarisco/Moo Svendson
Louisiana Pediatric Cardiology Foundation $54,233.00
YMCA 27,116.00
Rotary Foundation Scholarship Fund 9,039.00

President Cathy Landry Chairman: Cynthis Michael/Bobby Stiglets
Baton Rouge General Foundation $43,497.00
Salvation Army $10,874.00
Women’s Community Resource Center $10,874.00
Rotary Foundation Scholarship Fund $7,249.00

President: Aleta Lester | Chairman: Sharon Stone/Virginia Bogan
Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank $57,749.82
Salvation Army $28,874.91
Rotary Foundation Scholarship Fund $9,624.96
Inner Wheel USA Foundation $950.00

President: Sue Rainer |Chairman: Silvia/Heitman/Virginia Bogan
Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank $49,193.98
Salvation Army $9,838.80
Volunteers of America $9,838.80
Baton Rouge Regional Eye Bank $18,693.70
Rotary Foundation Scholarship Fund $9,838.80
Inner Wheel USA Foundation $983.88

President Alice Greer | Chairman: Chris Jackson/Meg Gerald
Boy’s Hope Girl’s Hope $63,037.91
Salvation Army $25,003.33
Hope Academy $25,003.32
Rotary Foundation Scholarship Fund $12,822.22
Inner Wheel USA Foundation $1,282.22


President Iris Eldred |Chairman: Kathleen Howell/Aleta Lester/Ann Felice Fourrier

Greater Baton Rouge Hope Academy $67,000
Salvation Army $24,790
Brave Heart Children in Need $24,790
Rotary Foundation Scholarship Fund $13,400
Connections for Life $1340
Women’s Community Resource Center $1340
BREDA $1340



President: Beverly Turner | Chairs: Kaye Carrol/Linda Montagnino

Brave Heart Children in Need $66,250
St. Vincent de Paul $26,500
Rotary Foundation Scholarship Fund $13,250
Mary Bird Perkins Center Center $19,875
Families Helping Families $1325
the Hospice of Baton Rouge $1325
The JL Foundation $1325
Louisiana Resource Center for Educators $1325
THRIVE Baton Rouge $662
Young Leaders Academy of Baton Rouge, Inc. $663


President: Kathleen Howell | Chairs: Sheila Melancon and Nikki Spenser

YMCA $65,000
Salvation Army $26,000
Families Helping Families $19,500
Rotary Foundation Scholarship $13,000
Alzheimer’s Services of the Capital Area $1,300
ALS Association of LA-MS $1,300
Compassionate Friends $1,300
Istrouma Area Council Boy Scouts $1,300
Women’s Community Rehabilitation Center $1,300


President: Virginia Bogan | Co-Chairs: Cynthia Galmon, Cheryl Olinde and Lauren Ragland

Families Helping Families  $94,000
Society of St. Vincent de Paul $ 28,195
Rotary Club of Baton Rouge Foundation $ 19,097
Baton Rouge Youth Coalition  $19,097
Gardere Community Christian School  $19,097
B.R. Children’s Advocacy Center  $1,880
Greater Baton Rouge Hope Academy  $1,880
La. Key Academy  $1,880
La.  Lupus Foundation  $1,880
Youth Oasis  $1880

President: Cheryl Olinde | Co-Chairs: Cynthia Galmon, Virginia Bogan, Lauren Ragland & Pam Chenevert

Greater Baton Rouge Hope Academy   $91,225
The Salvation Army – Baton Rouge  $18,245
Louisiana Lupus Foundation, Inc.    $14,596
LA Key Academy                                   $14,596
Rotary Foundation Scholarship Fund  $10,947
Gardere Christian Community School  $7,298
Brave Heart – Children in Need              $7,298
Habitat for Humanity of Greater Baton Rouge   $7,298
Hope Ministries                                          $7,298
St. Vincent dePaul Distribution Center  $3,649


President: Linda Montagnino | Co-Chairs: Cheryl Olinde, Lauren Ragland, Lisa Wagley and Cynthia Galmon

Habitat for Humanity Baton Rouge      $100,746
St. Vincent de Paul  $30,010
The Life of a Single Mom    $16,120
Baton Rouge Regional Eye Bank $16,120
Hospice of Baton Rouge   $6,045
Rebuilding Together Baton Rouge $6,045
Metanoia, Inc.  $6,045
Heritage Ranch Christian Children’s Home  $6,045
ALS Association Baton Rouge       $6,045
Military Training Education Fund   $1,500
(3 – Youth Challenge Scholarships)
Rotary Foundation Inc. (100th Anniversary – BR)   $1,000
Inner Wheel USA (Myoelectric Limbs)     $500

GRAND TOTAL OF DONATIONS 1991-2017: $ 2,324,490